Too young to shave

Not old enough

Some folks have asked me if I was born with a moustache I guess because they have never seen me without one. As a matter of fact I was not born with one and here’s the proof.


Student moustache

Student moustache

I was 18 when I first grew a moustache. It was a Centennial project (1967) at university. Back then it was dark brown. I was studying geography and philosophy and my heroes were Richard Burton the explorer and Bertrand Russell the philosopher (in the background drawn by my brother-in-law Christopher Dann).


It stayed on my face, trimmed but not shaven for 15 years. Then on a winter holiday, in a fit of silliness (and perhaps too much rum) I cut it off! My partner at the time was shocked, very shocked. We went out for dinner at a place we had visited numerous times before and the owner did not recognize me. He asked her if I was her son! Well that did not go down too well and needless to say I started growing it back the very next day.

Graphic moustache

Wes Olson drawing

I had great intensions to cut it off again 15 years later (1997) but the year came and went and I guess I just forgot. By this time it had inadvertently become somewhat of a trademark and I had my friend Wes Olson sketch one for my business card and letterhead.

Moustaches for everyone

Anyone can have one

Every once in a while I get a great surprise at a wedding when more moustaches appear, and I know that all is well with the world.





Behind video camera windsock

Too much fertilizer

I couldn’t resist getting behind the wind sock of Michael Klekamp’s video camera at a recent wedding on a windy day in Central Park. Maureen says it looks like I got too much fertilizer on it when I was doing my make-up.





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