Fishing Wedding

Rick holds up a fesh catch

The big catch

Weddings and Fishing

Weddings and fishing have a few things in common. Both sexes talk about “the big catch”!

Some guys feel “lured in”, and for a few it’s like “jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire”.

When it is time to be married, “You can’t keep fishing around” … “You are hooked” …  “It’s time to take the plunge”.

It is a catch, and it’s a commitment.

The big thing to remember in getting married is that it is not “catch and release”. This one’s a keeper!


Couple enjoying fishing on wedding day

Looks like she hooked one


There is no reason not to combine your passions. If fishing is something you do together and find enjoyment in, then why not share the happiness on the ultimate day of “sharing happiness”, your wedding day? How often do you have the opportunity to sign a legal document while you are having fun?


There are a few fellows out there who have said under their breath while being married “I’d rather be fishing”, well now is your chance.



Fishing weddings, they are unique, they are special.

Bride in wedding dress with fish

Confirmed catch

Call to inquire. 403-762-3852

Remember, you will need two licenses,
a marriage license and a fishing license.

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